EcoLube Saw chain - harvester standard

Our saw chain fluid, Eco Saw Chain Lubricant, is a rapidly degradable and circular product with no initial or secondary toxic effects, made from residual products (glycerol). The product is water- soluble and contributes to a cleaner machine and upholstery compared to other lubricants including other bioproducts. A today proven world-leading quality product in the new area of water-based lubricants. Leakage/hose breakage does not require decontamination and best of all, you won't risk contact allergy by using or handling our lubricants.

The saw chain fluid is delivered in 25-liter plastic cans or 200-liter drums. For more information and orders call customer support (Ulf) on (+46)70-608 42 31 or email ulf.sandströ

EcoLube Saw chain - harvester standard


ECOLUBE SAW CHAIN HARVESTER Standard is our proven patented saw chain fluid that is suitable for forest machines, developed by world-class researchers at Luleå University of Technology together with Nordic felling companies. The lubricant is oil-free and aging-resistant, which makes it significantly more efficient and environmentally friendly than traditional bio-lubricants. The chain fluid is tested by independent third parties, in both the laboratory and in harvesters down to -30 °C (- 22 °F) while maintaining performance. However, no test can beat the overall experience that our customers get when practically using and handling the product out in the woods.

ECOLUBE SAW CHAIN HARVESTER is marketed in two variants, a standard version and a winter edition that is suitable when the main felling takes place during the winter (colder than 0 °C or 32 °F).

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